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The Locker Room develops athletic talent and personal character in young athletes equipping them to create the future they desire both on and off the field.


The Locker Room embraces the idea that each athlete is unique and worthy of the effort and energy required to help them learn and master new skills in athletics as well as in life. No matter where they are in their future pursuits, The Locker Room commits to work alongside each athlete and their family to examine their strengths and opportunities to lay the groundwork for a strong foundation that carries them into the future.

The Locker Room’s leadership, strategists, and coaches are motivated by a passion to make a tangible impact on the athlete’s life.
Scott Dooley
The Locker Room encourages athletes to be proactive in managing their own profile and telling their own sports’ story to determine what coaches, recruiters, friends, and family see.
Kevin McBride
Our strategists and coaches stress positive character traits as well as athletic ability, while also holding the athlete accountable for excellence in academics and life skills.
Beverly Griffin


Every athlete is assigned a local strategist.

Strategists work with the athlete and their family, one-on-one, to help them learn and master foundational skills and progress to higher levels of performance both on and off the field.

The Locker Room gives you a platform to tell your sports story the way you want it told.

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Begin a new journey - make a difference in the lives of young athletes by helping them improve their skills on the field and encourage excellence in the classroom as well!

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