Who Are We?

The Locker Room’s leadership, Strategists, and coaches are motivated by a passion for making a tangible impact on the athlete’s life. This team focuses on each athlete, treating them as an individual, with the sole purpose of walking with them on their journey to be the type of person and athlete they want to become.

What is The Locker Room’s Mission Statement?

The Locker Room develops athletic talent and personal character in young athletes equipping them with a platform to create the future they desire both on and off the field.

What is The Locker Room’s Vision?

The Locker Room embraces the idea that each athlete is unique and worthy of the effort and energy required to help them learn and master new skills in athletics and life. The Locker Room commits to work alongside each family to examine the athlete’s strengths and opportunities to lay the groundwork for a strong foundation that carries them into a successful future.

Who is Our Target Market?

The Locker Room seeks to attract athletes of all ages, no matter where you live, what sport you play, or your economic status. You can enter the program at any ability level, but by specifically focusing on younger athletes, coaches and assigned local Strategists can help develop skills and character traits earlier to allow maximum investment in an athlete’s life. 

What is The Locker Room? 

The Locker Room is a unique online sports platform that gives athletes the opportunity and assistance needed to build an online resume to showcase their talents before a worldwide audience through personal highlight videos, individual stats, personal accomplishments outside of athletics, and academic achievements. 

Everyone on The Locker Room platform is assigned to a local Strategist. The Strategists stress positive character traits while also holding you accountable for excellence in academics and life skills. The Locker Room prides itself on helping you advance to the increasingly progressive standards of excellence in and out of the classroom.

How Does the Platform Work?

Once registered, you will create your personal profile page within the guidelines of The Locker Room site. You are then assigned to a local Strategist responsible for supporting you and assisting with your individual profile pages. Your Strategist works with you and your family, one-on-one, to help you learn and master foundational skills and progress to higher levels of performance both on and off the field. Your Strategist communicates with you regularly regarding events in your region or nationally, such as training camps, instructional facilities, tryouts, tournaments, video updates, and performance drills. You are encouraged to be proactive in managing your profile and telling your own sports story. You will periodically receive sport-specific fitness plans as well as nutrition guidelines.

What is a Strategist?

Strategists are local individuals that support you and your needs related to the platform. They answer your questions, provide customer service, and help you post the best highlight videos to showcase your talents. Your Strategist also works with you and your family, one-on-one, to help you learn and master foundational skills and progress to higher performance levels both on and off the field. Your Strategist communicates with you regularly via email. You will receive video training techniques, fitness training, and nutrition information to improve at your position. This relationship between you, your Strategist, and your family is the most important part of The Locker Room platform.

Why Choose The Locker Room?

The Locker Room provides a cost-effective alternative for you to have your own personal sports website. It offers you a way to market yourself at a fraction of the cost of developing your own website or the cost of joining other online recruiting sites that do not offer the opportunity for you to tell your own story. 

The Locker Room is a team of professionals who understand athletes, athletics, and technology. The Locker Room is the place that houses your sports life while saving your family money and giving you the freedom to be seen the way you want the sports world to see you. 

What Sports Do We Currently Support?

  • Baseball
  • Basketball – women and men
  • Competition Cheerleading
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Soccer – women and men
  • Softball – fast-pitch
  • Tennis
  • Wrestling

If you would like us to add a particular sport, please email us at


What does it cost?

$30 per month per sport or $300 per year per sport.

How Do I Pay?

Monthly and yearly options are payable by credit card – VISA, Mastercard, Discover, American Express.

Monthly accounts are drafted on the 1st of every month. Monthly and yearly accounts are prorated the first month of your membership.

Link to your account page HERE.

How Do I Cancel or Receive a Refund?

You may cancel your membership at any time by emailing for assistance.

Cancellations must be submitted before midnight on the 25th of the month to avoid a charge for the following month’s membership. 

Yearly memberships are available to cancel quarterly.

Your account is accessible until the membership payment month or quarter expires. There are no refunds issued for any partial-month.


How Is My Child and Their Profile Protected?

Your athlete’s account is only accessible to you, as the parent or guardian, and the athlete. No one else has access. The account holder chooses if they would like to share a link to your athlete’s profile and with whom they share it.

The Locker Room uses a variety of security measures to maintain the safety of your personal information. Credit card numbers are encrypted in TLR’s secure database, which is located behind a firewall. Personal information collected on TLR is stored in a secure operating environment that is not available to the public. All credit card and registration information supplied by users is transmitted via Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology. TLR’s technology department conducts frequent site-security audits.

What Type of Background Checks Do We Complete?

The Locker Room investigates job applicants’ backgrounds and employment references to ensure that our team is qualified and has a strong potential to be productive and successful employees. We use a national corporation accredited through the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA) with a proprietary database and technology platform that produces an extensive multi-state report of criminal records. Each report may contain details about felony and misdemeanor records, sex-offender records, inmate records, and arrest information. The background check process includes a Social Security trace that automatically identifies counties and states where a person has lived to search for possible criminal records. The nationwide sex offender search provides a report with publicly available sex offender registries from all states, as well as the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.

We may also conduct background investigations when employees are being considered for promotions or transfers or in furtherance of an internal investigation of alleged misconduct. TLR will conduct background investigations upon hiring and at our discretion per federal and state laws.


If you have any technical issues with the platform, email us at for assistance. We are happy to help.


Email us at You can also email us to schedule a phone call with customer service or for technical support. 

Does The Locker Room Have a Social Media Presence?

Yes, we have a Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter.